Eden Lew

designed a diner.

Bullseye’s Diner at Disney D23 2022

At the 2022 Disney D23 convention, I had the opportunity to bring to life “Bullseye’s Diner” in Los Angeles. Working with David Stark Design, Target Design team and ASOAE, we designed and produced a diner experience to celebrate Target and Disney’s store collaborations. Over the weekend, 70,000 attendees to the convention were invited to purchase 3 exclusive plush toys and redeem free tokens for event-only buttons featuring Bullseye in character costumes. Guests also took pictures with a large Bullseye statue, special diner booth sets, and could enjoy hidden design details all around, alluding to Target’s 60th anniversary.

Creative Direction:
David Stark
Ted Halbur
Eden Lew
Eden Lew
Kelvin Lee
Harry Trinh
Tom Houston
Lauren Williams
Lisa Shol
Kelly Moll
Hallie Williams
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