Eden Lew

co-founded a studio.

Double Take Labs

From 2018-2022 I co-founded Double Take Labs, an interactive creative technology studio, alongside technologist Josh Corn. We explored concepts around physical mechanics and interactive experiences with the ethos of “rigorous absurdity.” Rigor refers to the heavily researched histories and narratives we use to brainstorm and to treat every idea, serious or ridiculous, with the utmost attention to detail. Absurdity is our practice using humor and delight to make complex concepts more accessible. In 2018 we were community members at NEW INC, the New Museum’s incubator for art and technology.

Our studio crafts unique interactions with a touch of absurdity. In our five years together, we worked with many clients including MoMA Retail, Sloomoo Institute, McCann, the Health Design Lab at Jefferson University, and more. We created a One-Armed Robot Circus that performed at NYSCI, installed Ghosts at Brookfield Place, printed Facefetti and built a bicycle race for CAMP Stores. As personal projects, we constantly created experiments and conceptual studies that challenged how we interact with others and explored the magic and humor in technology.

Our Studio
Launch Video

When we launched our studio, we filmed a “launch” video centered on physically launching objects into the air.


To really show people that we love building physical interactive experiences, we filmed a physical website for our site.


During COVID, we dove deep into the world of interactive experiences online and stayed in touch with a community of people doing storytelling amidst a worldwide pandemic as a way to stay sane. We wrote a report about our ideas and experiments on interaction during a time of distancing while awaiting a return to the real world. Read it here!

Our Experiments
Remote Experience Generator

Commissioned by Harvest Time Tracking, we created an interactive social distancing idea generator for their time capsule. This generator explored the frameworks in which we design events and resulted in 226 unique ideas for interacting with others. See it in action here.

Something Went Wrong

We thought error messages could be really funny puns, so we decided to make a little video series about them.

Following the Sun

We had this idea that it’d be fun to have plants follow a source that is seemingly “the sun”. So if a person were to enter a dark room, they’d be surprised to find a tribe of planters running after them and their flashlight.

Information Tape

Inspired by a tape measure, we had an idea of pulling just the amount of information you’d want to hear or read about a piece.

More projects
Facefetti at CAMP H&M’s Upcycler at CAMP The Ghosts of Brookfield Place