The main objective of the Intervention & Interaction class, taught by Masamichi Udagawa and Sigi Moeslinger of Antenna Design, was to engage New Yorkers to do more exercise. We worked as a team to create an intervention that invited people to move their bodies while having fun. New York City is such a fast-paced and stressful city. It is a land of sleepless workers and busy people. With everyone rushing to and from meetings, it’s hard to find a break throughout the day. Statistics from a Gallup Work and Education Poll in 2014 show that the average U.S. work week has increased to 47 hours a week and only 13% of workers enjoy their work.

With so many overworked and unhappy workers, the team felt that the intervention needed to be delightful, simple and quick to engage with. After a long brainstorming the team decided to target commuting New Yorkers and tourists with a spatial focus on parks and the entrances and exits of metro stations.

“We wanted to design installations that would get everyone’s attention and to invite and engage passerby’s to move their bodies. Thus we created Movubble.”

Movubble is a speculative physical intervention for public spaces in New York City. It consists of 10 different bubbles machines that would be installed around Manhattan to encourage fun and active lifestyles. With actions like cycling, running, punching, pulling and lifting, the machines allow people to exercise in different ways in order to produce bubbles. All of the machines have counters connected to record the number of actions being played on the machines. Movubble would work in coordination with NYC Parks and Oscar Health Insurance©: for every push, pull, crank, swing cycle or other action recorded on Movubble machines, Oscar Insurance will donate 5 cents to The Bubble Foundation in NYC (an institution that provides nutrition programs to underserved schools).