While working with community leaders and the Holly Neighborhood Coalition in East Austin, I was amongst a team of architects to plan and build a mobile gardening tool shed for the Holly Neighborhood. The Holly Neighborhood was a conflicted community that contained up to 30 rivaling community groups. We asked ourselves, "How can we facilitate new community bonds with a design build object?" We first approached the problem by surveying the neighborhood to understand their interests and values. Many of them were attracted to gardening but did not have the resources and tools to start. From there we thought up a mobile gardening tool shed. We sought out donations, reclaimed materials and the help of the neighbors in order to complete construction of the tool shed in 3 weeks.

We also spent weekends making new gardens at neighbors' homes to promote a volunteer service that would accompany the trailer. One year later, our trailer and gardening program still stands as a vital part in rebuilding the community.